MTAC Orange County North

Branch Honors Recitals

The 2022 Branch Honors Recitals

The MTAC Orange County North Branch Honors Recitals now recognize the outstanding achievement of students who have completed, with highest marks, either Certificate of Merit™ or STEP evaluations! Recitals will be held on Saturday, April 30 at Grace Presbyterian Church in Yorba Linda.

Registration is completed using a simple online form. Check the requirements below, and then use the link to complete registration.

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Registration deadline: Friday, April 8, 2022 (11:59pm)

The Branch Honors Recitals showcase students who have completed either the Certificate of Merit or STEP Evaluations and have completed all of the following requirements:

  • Registered at Level IV and above (CM) and level Debussy and above (STEP)
  • All pieces well performed and memorized (woodwinds are not required to memorize)
  • Received an overall score of 90% or above (STEP)
  • Received a rating of “Excellent” or “Good” from five ratings for all repertoire, required technique, and sight reading (CM)
  • Achieved 80% or higher score on written theory and ear training exam (CM)
  • Recommended piece received (from 1 to 5) the highest performance rating of 5-, 5, or 5+ (CM) or 90% or above (STEP)
  • Recommended piece is no longer than 5 minutes in performance length (cuts are allowed, post-evaluation, to fit recital requirements)

The 2021 Branch Honors Recital Festival

The MTAC Orange County North Branch is proud to present the 2021 Branch Honors Recitals! Through this virtual format, we recognize the outstanding achievement of our students in their Certificate of Merit™ performances.

Program I

Program II

Program III